A Slight Change of Perspective

i just recently picked up my first pair of prescription glasses. turns out i have pretty terrible vision in one eye, and with the other compensating, i hadn’t ever noticed. the way it was explained to me, in the optometrist’s office, was that my right eye’s cornea is shaped like a football and the left… continue reading.

when the soil swoons

when i watch you my heart skips, in that way that all of your kind describe those feelings of adoration of which i, too, have few words to choose. you are bending over the beds of garlic, and with one hand you are pushing snow aside. cheeks flushed, you burrow your fingers beneath the straw…. continue reading.

dear self

 photo by josh horniak wake up. do it now. waiting is no longer an option. in your smile hides the goddess for which you’ve always longed in your shoulders, pulled back your chest open and stretched there is the seed of the light you seek, the strength you think you lack. rest now. waking up… continue reading.

Our Last CSA Pick-up and Newsletter

Fall has definitely arrived here in the foothills with the first rain storm last week.  Three days of a deluge, and now beautiful, crisp, sunny days and fire-time nights.  All the oaks are turning yellow, the days short and sweet.  Halloween approaches next week and close on its heels, Thanksgiving, the epitome of fall harvest… continue reading.


  I am excited to give you squash during these next few weeks. Sometimes people get intimidated when they go to cook a squash. I tell them not to worry so much, you can’t get any easier than preparing a squash. And for starters we are giving you the delicate delicata squash to try. Just… continue reading.

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