on the eve of my birth, thirty years to the day
there is something dear friends that i wanted to say
you see i’m grateful for food, good harvests, and fun
i’m grateful for julius who basks in the sun
and i’m grateful for sun, and for snow, and for rain
our dear yuba river who soothes all our pain

i’m thankful for heartache, having the courage to leave
how it taught me to not only properly grieve
but also to praise, with true lightness of heart
the glorious cycles of which we are part

i’m grateful for carrots, for turnips, and peas
how we pick them while working, to snack as we please
and parsnips and squash, potatoes and beets
drizzled with olive oil and roasted so sweet

i’m grateful for electricity that powers my home
for the wheels on my truck that allow me to roam
i’m grateful for water, the clouds in the sky
blackberries, peaches and warm apple pie
the luminous moon, peeking over the trees
the corn with it’s tassels, humming with bees

and though all these things are special to me
they are only distinct to a certain degree
for there’s something else, rising above all my thanks
higher even than starlight, than sunshine, it ranks…

its YOU, all my loved ones, my dearest and nearest
for who’s presence inspires my gratitude clearest
your company, laughter, bright eyes and big grins
it’s hard to know exactly where to begin.
i would if i could, list you all here by name
but if i left but one out, it would be such a shame
so instead i’ll just tell you, my loved ones, my sweets
you’ve made 30 years glorious, and that’s no small feat

so here’s to 30 more years, and 30 more after those
filled with love and kindness that boundlessly grows!



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