Oh the Places We Will Swim


right now there is a baby who is very much resisting entering this world. she/he is comfortable where she/he is, being carried around in a floating belly-world, hearing the faint sounds of goats bleating and farmers talking and doggies barking. and yet it’s time, and we here on the farm are all pins and needles to meet this little person. to love it and give it popsicles in the summer and explain why dragonflies swarm. to read it stories by the pond and hold it’s hand and laugh at the funny things it says. to learn it’s special kid-wisdom and to give it the best bites of the pie and to forget what we were so busy doing and join it to look up at the shapes of the clouds.

little one, i am so excited to meet you. you’ve already hooked me and we’ve never really met. so please go easy on your momma today and get your head oriented right and get yourself out here so we can see you and welcome you proper. i will bring you marigolds to admire and eat. i will make my doggie howl so that you can giggle. i will walk you around in the evening and tell you about the trees and all the silly things we did when we were young and all the silly things we are still doing now. and when you are older i will play cards with you way past when i would prefer to stop, just so we can hang out a bit more. blessings on your birthday, this day of your birth. you are so loved already, safe and speedy arrival little one! love, m

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