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That’s it. I give up. I give up knowing, trying, striving, avoiding. Instead I will accidentally mow over the hose in my yard and then try to unearth its remains from four years of grass. Step on a bee, open the freezer and drop a glass jar of last-years pesto on the floor, jam my hand starting the rototiller, leave the whole cart of flowers out in the sun, and come home to find my box of draining honey comb infested with ants.

Sounds good to me. Because considering the tranquility and ease of my life – sleeping in a quiet meadow, picking soft leaves of salad mix in the morning, drinking fresh carrot juice for lunch, a dip in the river in the evening – a daily debacle is just like a healthy dose of castor oil from mom. Builds character, keeps us on our toes, makes us resilient, cleans out the system, and most importantly, allows us to let go. Well, I don’t know if castor oil allows us to let go per se, but certainly the unexpected messiness of living does the trick for me. One moment I am happily picking spinach, chatting with willow and miranda, and the next minute I’ve got the van loaded with veggies to go to town and my tire is flat.

So I surrender. To my experience in the moment whether I judge it to be a “good” one or “bad” one. I don’t expect to escape the inanities and awkwardness of living, and in fact I welcome them as a wake up call to appreciate all the beauty and balance that exists. Consider then the inherent blessing the next time you drop your plate, jam your finger, or lose your keys. It ain’t so bad when you take into account that you have a plate full of food to eat, all your fingers to wiggle, and a way to get yourself around town to visit the ones you love. I know I will be trying to channel such grace when I pick the tomatoes this week, crawling through rows we yet again spaced too close together, and yet continually grateful for the abundant harvest these plants provide. Happy eating and appreciating this week!




The Anticipated Harvest:

  • Tomatoes!
  • Hot Peppers
  • Basil
  • Spinach
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Summer Squash
  • Greens/Cabbage
  • Tomatillos
  • Green Beans
  • Sunflowers – Bring a jar or baggie to carry home!


Ian’s Friend’s Grandmother’s Summer Squash Recipe:

SUCH a great way to use up that huge summer squash that got away from you (or us in this case). Just shred the zucchini up and along with chopped onions and some olive oil, fill a cast iron pan with the stuff. Put in Garlic and Salt to taste. Cook on low heat for up to an hour (!), stirring occasionally. What you want to get is that caramelized flavor from the squash and onions browning but not burning. Serve up warm or store in the fridge and serve cold with thinly sliced bread, rice crackers, or whatever. SO GOOD.

Quite possibly the bee who stung me…
Quite possibly the bee who stung me…


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