Lark’s Ebb Dahlia Tuber

Sold out!


A gorgeous soft-yellowy, peach toned dahlia with shades of darker pink in the center fading to lighter pink on the edges. Super productive as well. NOTE: We mixed these up with Maisie’s ultimate favorite dahlia (Camano Buzz) and so can’t confidently sell either this year, boo. If you are interested in getting a mystery between the two, contact us! Otherwise, wait til next year we’ll have both!

Please note: All dahlia tuber purchases are for LOCAL NEVADA COUNTY PICK UP only, and are limited by what we have in stock on the website.

Orders (mix and match ok) for 10 tubers or more receive a 10% discount and orders for 25 tubers or more receive a 20% discount – discount applied at checkout.

Order early as this variety is very limited in stock!

Sold out!

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