Bulk flowers are available by the five-gallon bucket, July-September, and include a large diversity of varieties, textures, and a nice mix of focal, supporting, and filler blooms, approximately 100-120 stems/bucket. Our bulk option does not include consultation or delivery (pick-up available at our rented cooler in downtown Nevada City).

Our buckets are  “best of the season” in theme, blooms, and color palette. If you have specific color requests let us know and we can see what we can do.

We recommend signing up for a consultation so we can help you calculate the number of vases, buckets, and flowers you will need if you are planning a full DIY event. On farm consultations also allow you to see the flowers we grow and what we have in abundance on your specific date. We do not consult for free, over email or in person – when estimating yourself please come to us with your order prepared. We recommend doing a practice bouquet at home, to get a sense of the number of flowers you will need for the vases and arrangements you have chosen.

$110/bucket + delivery

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